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The founders

A juggler of words, a virtuoso of images, an artist of the code. And an assertor of the objective beautiful that directs the orchestra.

Fabrizio Pedone

Words manager
Lidia falletta

Code manager
Luca Pintacuda

Perfection manager
Nino Serafino

Images manager

In 2014 Luca Pintacuda and Fabrizio Pedone found oddagency. With an architect's background, an innate curiosity for all that is new and a passion for all that is beautiful, Luca now directs the company. Fabrizio, a phd in contemporary history, guarantees to odd the attention to the research and the accuracy of the storytelling that distinguishes his work. In 2016, thanks to the entry into the group of Nino Serafino, architect, illustrator and motion designer, and Lidia Falletta, programmer and interactive design expert, it was possible to progressively shift the focus of the agency towards projection mapping and the production of multimedia events. . Thanks to the synergy of these skills, oddagency has worked with public institutions and private companies in the production of cultural shows. Among the clients, the Municipality of Palermo, the Region of Sicily, RAI, Arena Water Instinct, the Sultanate of Oman, Unesco, CoopCulture, Kemeco, Sering International, Federico II Foundation and Sicilia Foundation.