Digital Humanities 

Digital Humanities recognises and values the uniqueness and specific abilities of the human being, multiplying the possibilities of experience.


The Digital Space and the Spirit of Places

The digital dimension is part and parcel of our life and generates a multi-channel logic that directly interacts with experientiality and technological fruition.

Our storytelling meets digital space, seeking new creative ideas and new opportunities to tell, and meeting the human need to connect, absorb, and “explore” the spirit of a place.

A continuous process of interaction between art and technology, between lyrical abstraction and everyday figuration, between the digital dimension and poetry that permeates every phase of our work: research, planning, creation and experience.


The narrative power of the image

Methods and techniques are always the means (and never the end) to tell a story and design an experience that brings people together through emotions and entertainment, awakening their sense of belonging as well as their ability to marvel and open up to something new and unexpected.
Marvel and continuous research set in motion reflection starting from the narrative power of the image, a universal symbolic language capable of defining shapes, colours, architectures and textures serving the individual and the motions of their soul.
Just like digital humanities use technology to serve people and their needs, we use it to create something that is within everyone’s reach: more accessibility means more beauty, more wealth, more awareness and knowledge for those who are partaking in it.


Technology and Research

Computational analysis, cross-media research, data processing, 3D production of environments, CG animation, projection mapping, sound engineering, video generative techniques, virtual production, hologram creations, virtual and augmented reality, light design, and interaction design are just a small part of media and techniques we use, in a continuous search for new resources and solutions capable of innovating and implementing the creative process.


Odd is a Creative & Integrated Studio