Data Narrative 

Data are not just numbers, they are actions, ideas, places, people, and values. Indeed, they are stories that trace our passage, our very lives are written and documented in this information, and we disclose them every day without giving them the right value.


Stories and experiences

We research, analyze, and organize data, embracing the complexity of conveying it into a fascinating story that is easy to use and enjoy. We aim to give data back to people by transforming numbers into stories and experiences that make the understanding of phenomena interesting and compelling.

A Data Narrative path is located at the meeting point between Information Design, which considers visualization and graphics as predominant elements for the information representation, and Experience Design, i.e. experiences, often digital, to propose to a great audience. 

Crossmediality and interactivity become means by which to transmit memories, identities and projects. Knowledge paths open themselves to the contribution and participation of their users.


Objectless exhibitions

We design objectless exhibitions and relational museums, places of culture that are  capable not only of telling the past but also fixing the present and imagining the future: that’s because they take nourishment from the contribution of their visitors, as well as their emotions and memories.

Through interaction design we want to put bias, theories and deep-rooted beliefs to the test by producing data flows that offers us and our audience new and original points of view about reality.