Human Content Interaction

Human content interaction explores the possibility of creating a relationship between people, physical space and its tangible and intangible, visible and invisible, material and immaterial contents.


The power of experience

It is increasingly difficult to communicate data and information in a world saturated by an outsized offering of stimuli, news, feeds, and images; the synesthetic power of first-hand experience exceeds the limits of conventional narration, deconstructs the device’s mediation, and replaces it with the real space. Cultural and landscape assets, companies, museums, and local communities need to communicate who and what they are to an audience.


Narrative language within everyone’s reach

That is why we transform contents, be they the stories, myths and legends of a cultural site as well as the data, products and vision of a company into a usable experience that breaks down everyday life, an immersive and interactive story that represents a new, original and compelling cultural content. This way we can communicate more effectively and inclusively, converting the discipline of a traditional approach into the simplicity of a narrative language within everyone’s reach.


A place of sharing

As opposed to most other forms of communication, this content is not mediated by a display and resolved in individual use, but on the contrary, it develops around the viewer. It is a path of physical, intellectual and emotional action and reaction with the real-world environment, where the artistic product transforms space into a place of sharing.

Human-content interaction allows us to use technology, traditionally a divisive means, to connect people and content. Furthermore, it makes it possible to convey a meaningful message that can affect what is real by keeping it from being confined only to the moment of its use in presentations.


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