About us 

We are the first company in the world to adopt human-content interaction, using physical space as a medium for communication and dialogue.

What we do

We are doing it through a multidisciplinary approach in which historians, art historians, literati, architects, restorers, digital humanists, graphic designers, and artists meet programmers, technicians, data analysts, and interaction designers to develop content and experiences that encourage a cognizant connection with the world surrounding us. Data, culture, history, and the identity of a place are the basic ingredients of our storytelling.
We aim to transform information, datasets, and communication needs into content capable of bringing people together through enchantment, emotion and entertainment: more than 100,000 spectators attend our shows every year.

How we do it

We reject the product standardization logic, and we approach each job with a site-specific perspective, continuously searching for customised narrative, artistic, media and technological solutions.

At the same time, we respond to the increasingly urgent and widespread need for of immersive, communicative and shared experiences within public spaces.

We were selected from among the finalists of the Lille 2020 Video Mapping Awards and one of our works was selected at the prestigious Light Move Festival in Łódz, Poland

Our works were exposed at the “Italian Digital Art Experience” exhibition of MEET Digital Culture Center of Milan, an anthology of digital projects – from projection mapping, to light art and immersive works – produced in our country and collected in an itinerant project commissioned by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, to promote Italian digital creative studios in the world.

Our business project was deemed eligible and financed by Invitalia’s Cultura Crea measure aimed at promoting the best realities in the cultural industry in Italy.