A video mapping project that was created on the façade of Zisa Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage site and also one of the most beautiful and majestic testimonies of the Arab-Norman presence in Sicily. 

A video mapping for the splendid Zisa Castle

On the occasion of the UNESCO Notte Bianca (white night), we wanted to celebrate the history of one of the most important sites of historic interest in Palermo with a projection mapping on its façade that represents the change that has affected the edifice as a reflection of the events that involved the city. 


- Luca Pintacuda
- Nino Serafino
- Lidia Falletta
- Fabrizio Pedone


13 March 2018, Castello della Zisa, Palermo.


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The Zisa Castle, built during reigns of William I and William II and finished in 1167, has gone through different periods: its history, inextricably bound the city’s, was reconstructed through a symbolism that traces some of its most representative moments


Symbolism and history

The first part of the story recreates the atmosphere of “heaven on earth” that distinguishes the Genoardo Park while the appearance of Anna’s Tombstone with its inscription in four languages reminds us of the value of Norman multiculturalism. Then come the years of fortification with the merlons and the demons of the famous fresco that alludes to a well-known city legend, then the abandonment and the collapse and finally the rebirth, with its consecration as a UNESCO World Heritage site in a blaze of colours.