InLumina is an exhibition of multimedia performances, video mapping, light show and electronic music that has animated the cloister of the Salinas Museum in Palermo. 

The power of light

Just like the historical finds kept in the museums, video mapping, holographic projections and scenographic installations tell the story of technical, technological and artistic evolution of humankind, its hopes and fears, its relationship with nature and others, war and peace, hate and love. 


- Luca Pintacuda
- Nino Serafino
- Lidia Falletta
- Fabrizio Pedone
- Giorgio Lo Bosco


From 28 to 30 June 2018, Museum Salinas, Palermo.


#multimediaperformance #lightshow #videomapping #projectionmapping #olographicprojection

Lights and sound are at the heart of the performances. These are means, from the very beginning, that allow human beings to defeat darkness and the dangers lurking in it through sharing and being together.


We bring people together

Music and lighting are the unifying element of the performance as well as what create conviviality, just like with the first percussion instruments played around the fire in the caves since the dawn of time.

Installations create a sort of path that accompanies viewers from the entrance of Piazza Olivella to the cloister, making them change their point of view several times to find out various aspects of the installations. 

InLumina was the very first cross-medial and immersive event produced by Odd Agency.