Il sogno di Guglielmo

A video mapping projected on the façade of the Cathedral of Monreale that brought together 10,000 people.

A projection mapping on the Cathedral of Monreale

This ambitious video mapping project that was created on the façade of the UNESCO World Heritage site and tells about the history of the Cathedral starting from its founding myth, which sees the Norman king William II of Sicily as the main protagonist. 


- Nino Serafino
- Luca Pintacuda
- Lidia Falletta
- Fabrizio Pedone



7 September 2019, Monreale Cathedral, Palermo


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On the occasion of the celebration of the Madonna del Popolo, the performance celebrated the architecture and mosaics of the precious Norman monument as well as its dedication to the Virgin Mary and the power of Marian devotion in the community of Monreale.

Il sogno di Guglielmo

The story of a masterpiece

Waterfalls of golden specks cover the façade of the Cathedral like the pieces of a mosaic, in an emotional story in images and sounds.