A video mapping projected on the façade of the Cathedral of Saint Thomas of Canterbury in Marsala, promoted by the Ministry for Education, University and Research as part of the homonymous cultural event.

Cultural heritage enhancement and technology

The concept of technology applied to cultural heritage enhancement, which is clarified in the final scene of the video mapping, is a true hymn to the synergy between stones and pixels, baroque erudition and digital creativity, searching for a possible and beneficial future for our community.


- Nino Serafino
- Luca Pintacuda
- Lidia Falletta
- Fabrizio Pedone


20 May 2019, Cathedral of Saint Thomas of Canterbury, Marsala, Trapani.


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A journey in time in search of the origin of Marsala

From the destruction of ancient Motya to the foundation of Lilibeum, from the possible reconstruction of an irreparably lost Norman-Arab past to the birth of the Italian dream with the landing of the “Mille”, an event linked with a double thread, both ideal and temporal in its recurrence, to the terrible Allied bombing of 11 May 1943.

The local historical and architectural heritage put to the test by technology, from the catapults used for the first time to break down Moty’s resistance to the rain of fire unleashed by the B-26s in the Second World War, also relived through it, in a three-dimensional story full of pathos.